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Configuring third-party Web applications : Hosting a third-party Web application : Accessing JSP Standard Tag Libraries

Accessing JSP Standard Tag Libraries

To share and create a consistent look and feel between OpenEdge Management and third-party Web applications, you must access OpenEdge Management’s standard JSP tags. These include:
*Toolbars, web page sections such as headers and footers, common style sheets, and common JavaScript libraries that are shipped with OpenEdge Management.
You can see the web pages available in the sample Web application shipped with OpenEdge Management as an example. The common fathom style sheet is available in /stylesheets/fathom.css.
*JSP Standard Tag Libraries (based on the standard libraries in the Jetty package).
Standard tag libraries are available in the sample Web application. However, if required, you can add other standard tag libraries for your application.
Note: OpenEdge Management ships with a full implementation of ExtJS and Kendo UI Professional frameworks. To use Kendo or third-party libraries, ensure that you have correct development licenses. Progress is not responsible for renewing the licenses purchased for these libraries that are used for third-party Web applications. Alternatively, you can use your own JavaScript libraries, but ensure that necessary library resources are included as part of your Web application.