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Configuring third-party Web applications : Hosting a third-party Web application : Loading Java classes

Loading Java classes

A class loader provides libraries and JSP pages, which are compiled at runtime into Java classes, to a Web application. The class loader of your Web application requires access to JAR files, a few internal classes, and any API classes of OpenEdge Management that must be exposed to third-party Web applications.
OpenEdge Management must ensure that the class loader is configured properly so that the class loader is created when the Web server is being initialized at the startup of OpenEdge Management. Each class loader of a third-party Web application is considered a child of OpenEdge class loader and remains independent of other Web applications. Each third-party Web application is defined as an extension to OpenEdge Management and the search path of the Web application class loader is allowed to access OpenEdge Management classes.
OpenEdge Management also provides shared libraries that allow third-party Web applications to host their own JAR files. The $OEM/jars directory acts as a shared library for all JAR files that are shipped with OpenEdge Management. The third-party Web applications can host their own JAR files in the WEB-INF/lib directory of the Web application.
Note: Each Web application must have its own class loader in order to work with the Jetty Web server.