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Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : WebSpeed security : Securing your Web server

Securing your Web server

Since your Web server is the first computer that users access, it is also the first machine you should secure.
Caution: To ensure that your Web server is secure, install the latest security patches for the operating system and the application running the server.
For a publicly accessible Web site, you should minimize the other services running on this machine. This provides better security, as the fewer things running on this machine, the fewer things can go wrong or be compromised.
You should also read all the Web server's documentation that deals with security. Most Web servers ship with most security settings disabled. You should go through all the settings and turn off any Web server features that you do not need.
* Hiding your Web server type and version
* Changing your script directory names
* Hiding the CGIIP executable name from the end user
* Microsoft IIS
* Minimizing access to the WebSpeed Messenger Administration tool