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WebSpeed Essentials
Running and Deploying WebSpeed Applications : WebSpeed security

WebSpeed security

WebSpeed is an application service technology for Web browser applications. OpenEdge supports a number of special-purpose security options for WebSpeed that are tailored for the WebSpeed environment, including:
*Options for different working models, including Evaluation, Development, and Production that provide different levels of access to the WebSpeed Web Tools.
*Configuration options to minimize security risks, including options for:
*Special port numbers and WebSpeed server names
*Minimizing the number of PROPATH entries
*Minimizing unauthorized access to WebSpeed Messengers
*Restricting file upload directories
*Additional WebSpeed secure configuration considerations
*Password authentication using SpeedScript
*Data privacy over the connection between the WebSpeed Messenger and the WebSpeed Transaction Server using SSL
Note: WebSpeed agents, as ABL (Advanced Business Language) database clients, can also access the OpenEdge RDBMS using SSL.
*Maximizing compatibility with firewalls, including:
*TCP/IP port management
*Network Address Translation (NAT) and distributed configurations
*NameServer client port range value settings
*Direct connection to the WebSpeed Transaction Server without a NameServer to avoid UDP conflicts with firewalls
* Making your application secure
* Securing your network traffic
* Securing your Web server
* Securing your WebSpeed server machine
* Securing your WebSpeed application
* Firewalls