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Installation and Configuration
OpenEdge National Language Support : Progress.ini file and the Windows registry

Progress.ini file and the Windows registry

The progress.ini file sets up the user interface environment for Progress applications running in Windows and is an important part of deploying a localized application. It controls parts of the environment that vary across locales, and it allows you to specify colors and fonts.
OpenEdge supports the use of the Windows registry, and searches the registry first for system configuration information. However, you can still use an initialization file to ensure that deployed applications are configured correctly and consistently at customer sites. The information from the .ini file can be added to the registry upon installation.
Be sure to create and edit the progress.ini file on a system configured like the target system on which you intend to run it. For example, Japanese font names probably use Japanese characters. You should edit a progress.ini file for use in Japan on a system supporting Japanese.
If you edit the progress.ini file, run ini2reg to update the registry.
The sections of the progress.ini file that can typically affect a localized application are the [Startup], [WinChar Startup], and [fonts] sections.
* [Startup] and [WinChar Startup]
* [fonts]