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Installation and Configuration
OpenEdge National Language Support : Progress.ini file and the Windows registry : [fonts]


The [fonts] section of the progress.ini sets the fonts that an OpenEdge application running on that system uses. The default progress.ini file that OpenEdge supplies in the United States sets the following fonts:
font0=Courier New, size=8
font1=MS Sans Serif, size=8
font2=Courier New, size=8
font3=Courier New, size=8
font4=MS Sans Serif, size=8
font5=MS Sans Serif, size=10
font6=MS Sans Serif, size=8, bold
font7=MS Sans Serif, size=8
These font settings might not apply to all the locales where your application will run. Some of the OpenEdge-install-dir\prolang directories contain progress.ini files with font settings appropriate for that country.