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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Gathering information to plan your installation

Gathering information to plan your installation

Progress Software Corporation (PSC) provides documents to help you plan your installation. The following table identifies and briefly defines these various documents.
Note: The OpenEdge Installation Utility in Windows and on UNIX is available from Electronic Software Download (ESD).
Table 14. Preinstallation documentation resources
For this task ...
Go to ...
Which is available as ...
Determine and record product installation choices
*A chapter in this guide
Identify serial numbers and product control codes associated with products to install
License Addendum
*A document downloadable from the Progress Download Center; see Obtaining an Electronic License Addendum file for more information
Identify product-related details that might not be in the OpenEdge product documentation
OpenEdge Release Notes
*A document downloadable from the Progress Download Center1
*An online document accessible from specific menu options in Windows and UNIX installation dialog boxes
Reference each product's components and subcomponents, as needed
A chapter in this guide
Complete the checklist to prepare for the installation, and perform each procedure online during the installation process
Windows OpenEdge Installation online help and UNIX OpenEdge Installation online help
*During either the Windows or UNIX installation process; choose Help or another specific Help control on an installation dialog box

1 The Progress Download Center is located at You must have a valid user name and password to download products from this site. Contact a Progress Customer Service Representative to set up your Download Center account.