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Installation and Configuration
OpenEdge Products and Components : OpenEdge Installation Products and Components on UNIX

OpenEdge Installation Products and Components on UNIX

This chapter presents a comprehensive list of the components and subcomponents that comprise each OpenEdge product. The information attempts to be a reference for all UNIX/Linux platforms on which you can install. However, depending on the specific UNIX/Linux platform, there can be some minor differences. In a few instances, some platform variations can affect component and subcomponent availability as noted.
Refer to the product details in this chapter when planning and performing either a Complete or Custom installation.
Note: With the exception of Solaris SPARC 32- and 64-bit platforms, all supported UNIX/Linux platforms require at least the entry level JDK and JRE versions installed to run OpenEdge products. For more information about this Java prerequisite, see Requirements for using Java.
* OpenEdge installation options
* OpenEdge product components and subcomponents