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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Running the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility : Editing installed files
Editing installed files
The following table lists files installed by the Progress Dynamics installer program that you can edit to modify configuration settings, add databases, or change paths.
Table 18. Progress Dynamics files that you can edit
An XML file containing the instructions used by the Progress Dynamics Configuration File Manager to start up a specified Progress Dynamics session (for more information, see OpenEdge Development: Progress Dynamics Administration)
Default: C:\Progress\OpenEdge\gui\dynamics
Starts database servers for the Progress Dynamics Repository by invoking proserve
Default: C:\Progress\OpenEdge\bin
Stops database servers for the Progress Dynamics Repository by invoking proshut
The Progress Dynamics initialization file (the Progress Dynamics version of the progress.ini file)
The Progress Dynamics AppBuilder startup parameter file
Default: C:\Progress\OpenEdge
If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Progress Dynamics, there are several tasks that you need to perform. To ensure that your existing applications run under the newer release, review and complete the tasks described in the following sections:
*Editing the Progress Dynamics XML configuration file
*Starting a development session
*Stopping and restarting Progress Dynamics
*Updating session types
*Running the Entity Import tool
*Recompiling application code
*Setting up for Web development