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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Running the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility : Running the Entity Import tool
Running the Entity Import tool
When the DCU runs after the initial installation, it displays an important note that you must run the Entity Import Tool with Override all attributes from schema selected. Your upgraded application database might not run correctly if you do not run the Entity Import Tool.
Start the Entity Import Tool from the main menu of the Administration Tool. Select System > Entity Import.
In later versions of Progress Dynamics, DataFields are used extensively throughout the tools and at run time in Progress SmartDataObjects for attributes such as formats, data types, and labels. DataFields are a level of abstraction from the physical data storage. When you upgrade, you must run the Import Entity Tool to ensure that Progress SmartObjects are created for every entity, with DataField instances representing the fields that belong to the entity.
In addition, due to the increased and fundamental use of DataFields, it is imperative that you keep them up-to-date. Whenever you make schema changes to your application database, you must use the Entity Import tool to update your application's entities and DataFields. You must run the Entity Import tool against the central database for your organization. (If individual developers run the Entity Import on their own "satellite" databases, they might generate different Object IDs for the same DataField.)
By default, the Entity Import process does not overwrite any local changes you have made to attributes, such as labels. But if the value of your label matches the value of the old schema label, the Entity Import process updates the DataFields appropriately. The Entity import tool includes an Override all attributes from schema toggle box. If you select this option, the Entity Import process overwrites the local changes you made to the values of the entity attributes with the schema values.
If you do not update the DataFields, then at run time the SDOs use the old values in the DataFields, thereby regressing your schema changes at run time.
Note: The generateDataFields API in the Repository Design Manager supports the overriding of local attribute values with database metaschema values for certain attributes, such as Format, Label, and Help.