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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Running the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility : Updating session types
Updating session types
In Running the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility, you updated the session that you use to administer your Repository. You must now update any other session types that apply to your application.
From the Dynamics Administration Tool Session menu, select the Session Type Control and modify your existing session types. After modifying your session types, regenerate the XML configuration file. (You can also edit the configuration file manually, but manual editing is more error prone.) See OpenEdge Development: Progress Dynamics Administration for more information about defining, modifying, and managing sessions.
Note: If you did not create a new icfconfig.xml file (or edit the default) for your application, you can skip this section. You can simply use the standard icfconfig.xml file that ships with Progress Dynamics to access the upgraded Repository.
* Customizing Progress Dynamics session types