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Installation and Configuration
Command and Utility Reference : Administering and configuring Unified Broker products : Mergeprop : Command switches and arguments
Command switches and arguments
The following table summarizes the syntax elements used with the mergeprop command. Refer to the preceding section and Mergeprop utility overview for additional descriptive information.
Table 125. Command line input to the mergeprop command
-type (required)
ubroker database tools plugin none
Each argument (other than none) implies a specific target file in the properties directory. See File type.
-action 1
update create delete list group_name listall group_name
If no action is specified, update is assumed by default.The list and listall actions require an additional argument, the name of the property group to be displayed (for example, ubroker.AS.asbroker1). Do not include the square brackets ([]) that enclose the group name in the file.On update and create actions, groups listed with no properties in the delta file are ignored.
Path to the property file to be modified
If you are updating a property file that is in the OpenEdge-Install-Dir/properties subdirectory, you can omit this option. Only use this option when the property file you plan to update exists in a location other than the OpenEdge-Install-Dir/properties subdirectory.
Path to the delta file containing changes to be made
File containing create, update, or delete changes.
Performs all processing without actually making changes to the target file. This option lets you test for errors.
Does not create a backup to the target file before making changes. Unless you invoke this option, mergeprop saves a copy of the original target file in the same directory. The backup copy has a system- generated unique string appended to the name (for example, (31420040644533)).
Suppresses all messages.
Lists or deletes all groups, server groups, and configurations associated with the specified database.

1 Command switches can occur in any order following the mergeprop command.