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Mergeprop utility overview

The mergeprop utility allows you to manage the content of OpenEdge property files. Property files store configuration information that specifies and controls the behavior of various components.
The mergeprop utility is an alternative command-line or API-based tool, that enables you to update the,, and other property files. Using the mergeprop utility provides a consistent means to manage and maintain property files, allowing increased flexibility and ease of maintenance.
When using the mergeprop utility, the user or program specifies an optional target file to contain the output of executing mergeprop on the existing property file, and a delta file which contains the changes to be made.
Detailed instructions are presented in Using the mergeprop utility.
* Operating interfaces
* Property value
* Using the mergeprop utility
* Mergeprop parameter details
* Mergeprop examples
* Java API details
* Logical structure and syntax of property files