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Configuration : Configuration : Mergeprop utility overview : Logical structure and syntax of property files
Logical structure and syntax of property files
All property files use a hierarchical structure consisting of named groups and subgroups. Each group or subgroup can define a set of properties, for which the values can be either specified or null.
A subgroup inherits all properties from its parent group. By default, it also inherits the values of those properties. Within a subgroup, inherited defaults can be overridden and additional properties can be defined. The lowest level subgroup defines a specific instance of the component type.
Note: Properties are valid only if they are allowed by the appropriate schema file. An attempt to create an unsupported property results in an error.
The syntax in a property file is as follows:
*Group names — Names are enclosed in square brackets. A subgroup name consists of the parent group's name followed by a period and the identifier for the subgroup. Thus, the names [WebSpeed], [WebSpeed.Messengers], and [WebSpeed.Messengers.CGIIP] form a three-level hierarchy of property groups.
*Properties and values — Property name-value pairs are listed immediately following the name of the group for which they are defined. The property name is followed by an "equals" sign and, optionally, a value. For example, controllingNameServer= defines a property with a null value; controllingNameServer=NS1 assigns a specific value to that property.
For example, consider the following groups defined in the as-installed version of
     description=AppServer Broker
     description=A sample AppServer setup for State-reset
The top-level [UBroker] group defines a set of properties that are inherited by the subgroup [UBroker.AS] and by all other subgroups.
The subgroup [UBroker.AS] defines properties for all AppServer instances. It assigns a default value to the inherited srvrLogEntryTypes property, and it defines an additional description property.
The subgroup [UBroker.AS.asbroker1] defines an AppServer instance. It assigns a value to the controllingNameServer property inherited from [UBroker], and it overrides the value of the description property inherited from [UBroker.AS].
* Property value formats