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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : Mergeprop utility overview : Mergeprop parameter details : Action switch
Action switch
Based on the operation_type you specify with the -action switch, the mergeprop utility operates on the target file in one of the following ways:
*Update — Creates any new property groups and modifies any existing groups found in the delta file. Properties in the target file are updated to match those in the delta file. This operation is performed by default if you do not explicitly specify an action.
*Create — Creates new property groups listed in the delta file, with properties as specified in the delta file. (The delta file must contain only new groups; inclusion of a group that already exists in the target file causes an error and cancels the operation.)
*Delete — Removes from the target file any property groups listed in the delta file. The entire groups are deleted; individual properties are not processed. No exception occurs if the delta file contains groups that do not exist in the target file; such groups are simply ignored.
*List — Displays (to stdout) all properties and values defined specifically for a given group. Inherited properties are not displayed.
*List all — Displays (to stdout) all properties and values defined for a given group, including inherited properties.
In this context, group refers to a group as listed in the file. For example, [UBroker.AS.asbroker1] note that the brackets are not part of the command. For more information about groups, see Logical structure and syntax of property files .
Note: The List and List all actions are useful for creating a delta file. You can redirect output to a file and use the result as a template for modifying existing instances or creating new ones.