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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Querying and Reporting on Audit Data : Audit data querying and reporting

Audit data querying and reporting

The following sections describe considerations related to querying and reporting on audit data.
* Reporting committed data only
* Internationalization considerations
* Reporting on a central archive database
* Reporting on a single database with multiple GUIDs
* Reporting from multiple audit databases
* Deactivated audit indexes
* Reporting event descriptions
* Optional client session information
* Audit data event context
* Audit data application context
* Logically grouping related audit data in an audit event group
* Grouping audit data by transaction ID
* Grouping audit data by database connection
* Reporting additional audit event details
* Reporting by audit date and time
* Reporting by user ID
* Reporting modified field old/new values
* Identifying database events
* Internal audit event policies
* Efficient index use
* Query guidelines