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Core Business Services - Security and Auditing
Auditing : Querying and Reporting on Audit Data : Audit data querying and reporting : Optional client session information
Optional client session information
It is possible that additional client session information has been recorded in the _client-session table. Reports on the audit data should, therefore, check for the existence of such data using the _client-session-uuid foreign key field. If the data exists, the report can optionally include it. Note that although a value can exist for the client session ID, a detailed client session record (_client-session) cannot exist. The client session records are recorded only for authenticated sessions that use the client-principal object along with the SET-CLIENT( ) or SET-DB-CLIENT( ) ABL code to assert the identity of the authenticated user.
There is a fair amount of data related to the client session, so it is more likely this would be either reported in a separate section listing the client sessions for the other criteria reported on or reported only in a designated report detailing what happened in a specific session, as identified by the session UUID.