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Web Services: Architecture and Tools : OpenEdge support for producing Web services

OpenEdge support for producing Web services

In OpenEdge, you can produce and deploy Web services using the AppServer, OpenEdge Web service tools, and the OpenEdge Web Services Adapter (WSA). The Web service tools allow you to develop a Web-service-enabled AppServer application using the Open Client Toolkit, then to deploy this application as a Web service using the Unified Broker framework. You can define Web services using the Open Client Toolkit much as you define traditional Open Client proxies. However, instead of generating Open Client proxies for immediate access by Open Client applications, you generate a client interface definition, and deploy this definition as a Web service that you then manage within the context of the WSA. For more information on the Open Client Toolkit, see OpenEdge Open Clients
The WSA is a Java servlet running on a Web server or stand-alone JSE. This Java servlet serves as the SOAP-to-business interface gateway and Web service management engine for your Web service. Thus, the WSA provides user access to the Web service WSDL file and supports Web service administration; it also manages the exchange of Web service SOAP requests and generates SOAP responses between Web service clients and AppServers at run time.
For more information on the architecture and tools for producing, deploying, and managing Web services in OpenEdge, see OpenEdge Web services architecture and Tools for building and managing OpenEdge Web services.