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Application and Integration Services
OpenEdge Open Clients

OpenEdge Open Clients

OpenEdge® provides tools that allow you to:
*Build a .NET or Java application that runs as an AppServer client. Such a client application accesses the AppServer application service in a manner that models the way an ABL (Advanced Business Language) client accesses an AppServer application service.
*Produce a Web service based on an AppServer application service that can be consumed from any industry Web service client. Because such a Web service is based on ABL technology, OpenEdge refers to it as an OpenEdge Web service (analogous to a Java Web service built with Java technology).
*Incorporate ABL procedures into Sonic ESB. The OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB, supports two methodologies: Native Invocation and Web Service Invocation.
In OpenEdge, .NET or Java AppServer clients and OpenEdge Web services share common features that make them all Open Clients of the AppServer. The two most important features of Open Clients are that:
*They all rely on a common client interface definition to model access to ABL procedures called the Open Client object model.
*The client interface for each Open Client can be defined using the Open Client Proxy Generator (ProxyGen), the essential tool of the Open Client Toolkit.
* Overview of the Open Client object model
* Overview of the Open Client Toolkit