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Application and Integration Services
Web Services: Architecture and Tools

Web Services: Architecture and Tools

Web services represent a an industry standard for producing and deploying services over a network. In OpenEdge®, you can produce and deploy Web services based on operations written in ABL (Advanced Business Language) and that run on the AppServer. These OpenEdge Web services are consumable from most any industry Web service client using standard communications and message protocols. You can also consume industry Web services and invoke Web service operations from any OpenEdge application as an industry Web service client. This chapter describes Web services and how OpenEdge supports them.
For more information on OpenEdge support for OpenEdge Web services and as well as support for OpenEdge applications accessing Web services, see OpenEdge Development: Web Services. For more information on deploying and managing OpenEdge Web services, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.
* What Web services are and how they are used
* OpenEdge support for consuming Web services
* OpenEdge support for producing Web services
* Benefits of producing Web services using OpenEdge
* OpenEdge Web services architecture
* Tools for building and managing OpenEdge Web services