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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Configuring the OpenEdge Replication property files

Configuring the OpenEdge Replication property files

In setting up OpenEdge Replication, you must configure the replication property files for both the OpenEdge Replication server and the OpenEdge Replication agent. The properties control how OpenEdge Replication operates within your source database and target database environment.
OpenEdge Replication provides two sample property files: and You can save and modify these sample files to use with your source and target OpenEdge Replication databases. Because the files are samples, some of the properties and values are generic; it is up to you to customize the properties to reflect the settings you want to use with your own source and target databases.
The sample properties files are located in OpenEdge-install-dir\properties. You store each property file that you modify and save in the same directory as its corresponding database.
Note: Running an OpenEdge backup (using the PROBKUP utility) does not include the property files. Consider using an operating backup system utility to backup these files.
The following sections describe the sample properties files that are shipped with the product for the source and target databases and provide a definition of the property file directives. Review the samples and the property descriptions and then continue with:
*Configuring the source database property file
*Configuring the target database property file
* Sample OpenEdge Replication property files
* Server properties
* Control agent properties
* Agent properties
* Configuring the source database property file
* Configuring the target database property file