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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Configuring the OpenEdge Replication property files : Control agent properties

Control agent properties

Control agent properties define to the server which agents it can contact, where it can contact them, and how the agents should perform.
The properties are specified after the [] directive in the source properties file. The value of name must match exactly one of the names specified for the control-agents property under the [server] directive. If you run two agents, you need a [] directive for each of the agents.
Property names and values are separated by an equal sign (for example, name=agent1).
The following table provides a list of control agent properties and their values.
Table 6. Control agent properties
Property name
Specifies for how long, in seconds, the server will attempt to connect to its configured agents. This property is also used by the server while reconnecting to the agent after communication has been lost.
Specifies how many seconds the Replication agent waits for connection from the OpenEdge Replication server before the Replication agent shuts itself down.
seconds is an integer greater than or equal to 120 (which is the default) and less than or equal to 86,400.
Using this property means you do not have to perform a forced shutdown on your target database. If the OpenEdge Replication agent does not receive a connection attempt from the OpenEdge Replication server before the number of seconds specified has elapsed, the OpenEdge Replication agent will terminate and allow some limited system-level target database connections.
0 | 1
Specifies whether the agent is critical:
*1 is critical.
*0 is the default value of noncritical.
A critical agent is an agent for the target database that can become the source database if the source database becomes unavailable.
Specifies the target database name.
Specifies to the server which host the agent will start on.
ipv4 | ipv6
Specifies whether to use TCP/IP IPv4 or TCP/IP IPv6 between the Replication server and the Replication agent. If the target database broker is using TCP/IP IPv6, OpenEdge Replication must also use IPv6.
Specifies the OpenEdge Replication agent name. By convention, the agent-name should match the name specified in the target database properties file.
ALL is not allowed as an agent name. Each agent must have a unique name.
service-name | port-num
Specifies which port the server should use to connect to the target database. The port number specified must be the same port specified with the -S parameter when the target database broker was started.
async | sync
Specifies the type of replication, either asynchronous (async) or synchronous (sync).
Note: Values are case-sensitive. Use async or sync, not Async or Sync.