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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Configuring the OpenEdge Replication property files : Configuring the target database property file

Configuring the target database property file

Before you start OpenEdge Replication on the target database, you must configure the agent. You configure the agent by saving and then editing the sample target properties file provided when you install OpenEdge Replication as part of OpenEdge. Each of the properties is listed and described in Agent properties.
Use the following steps to configure the target database property file:
1. Make a copy of the file, which is located by default in OpenEdge-install-dir\properties.
2. Name this new file, where db-name is the name of your target database.
3. Place this new file in the same directory as the target database.
4. To change any of the default property values, edit and save the file.
If you are on UNIX, you can use vi, emacs, your favorite text editor, or OpenEdge Explorer to change the properties file. If you are in Windows, you can use Notepad or OpenEdge Explorer to change your properties file. You can also use OpenEdge Management if you have purchased a license.
For more information about configuring the properties file in OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, see OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration.
* Properties file example