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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : REST Applications : REST services in OpenEdge

REST services in OpenEdge

OpenEdge REST applications include at least one REST service. A REST service in is a collection of resources, which are ABL procedures and user-defined functions that run on an AppServer.
When developing an OpenEdge REST application, you first create the services required by the application. To create a REST service, you define a URI space where the parent node is the service name and child nodes are mappings to resources exposed in annotated ABL files (see REST annotations in ABL code). The URI space is essentially the API to access REST resources.
Progress Developer Studio supports the design and implementation of OpenEdge REST services. For information on creating REST services see the online help volume, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Guide.
For an overview of the entire REST application development process, see Creating OpenEdge REST applications.
* Planning the URI structure of a REST service
* Adding REST resources to a service
* Procedure mapping examples