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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : REST Applications : REST services in OpenEdge : Planning the URI structure of a REST service
Planning the URI structure of a REST service
Before you begin creating a REST service, you should plan the URI space that provides access to REST resources. You must determine a logical structure that makes sense in the context of your REST applications. But keep in mind that each resource must have a unique URI.
The general form of an OpenEdge REST resource URI is shown in the following figure.
Figure 5. Anatomy of a REST URI
As suggested in the above figure, the elements of the REST URI are established during three different stages of Web application development:
*Create services
*Export WAR
*Deploy application
All three stages of OpenEdge REST application development are supported in the tools included with Progress Developer Studio. For more detailed information on how to perform these tasks, see the online help volume, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Guide.
* Create services
* Export WAR
* Deploy application