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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : REST Applications : REST services in OpenEdge : Procedure mapping examples
Procedure mapping examples
Each AppServer service interface API you expose as a REST resource has a mapping to a unique combination of a relative URI, an HTTP verb, parameters, and media type. (Note that only JSON is currently supported as a media type in OpenEdge.
The implication is that a relative URI could be mapped to a number of different AppServer procedures using different combinations of HTTP verbs and parameters. The following table illustrates three different mappings for the resource URI /customer.
Table 5. Procedure mappings
Relative URI
HTTP verb
OpenEdge developers have broad scope in determining how best to expose AppServer procedures as REST resources. You should define the relative URI space for ease of use, extensibility, and versioning. In addition, your design should hide the elements of the AppServer procedure path and ABL parameters.