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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Using COM Objects in ABL : Locating COM object information on your system : Viewing methods, properties, and events
Viewing methods, properties, and events
When you select a COM object in the COM Objects listbox, a Methods/Properties/Events listbox shows the methods, properties, and events of the COM object in alphabetical order. Methods and events appear with a pair of parentheses following the name. Properties for constant COM objects appear as a set of constant values.
When you select an item in the Methods/Properties/Events listbox, the OpenEdge Syntax editbox shows sample ABL syntax for using it. You can cut and paste this syntax into an ABL procedure. Figure 53 shows the OCX event procedure syntax for the CSComboBox KeyDown event.
The tool also displays information on the method, property, or event above the OpenEdge Syntax editbox, including:
*The number of parameters for the method, indexed property, or event
*Whether the property is read-only
*Whether a constant value is being displayed
With the sample ABL syntax, the tool displays any important information on parameters and return data type, including:
*Methods that do not return a value (called with NO-RETURN-VALUE)
*The return data type of a method that does return a value (shown prefixed to the name of the sample variable on the left side of the assignment)
*The data type of the parameters (shown prefixed to the name of each sample variable for a parameter)
*The mode of the parameter (OUTPUT or INPUT-OUTPUT)
*The value of a constant
*Optional portions of the syntax in brackets ([...])
*PROCEDURE definitions for events, including any parameters