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Programming Interfaces
Audit Policy Maintenance APIs : Generic utility API

Generic utility API

The following functions and internal procedures are in src/auditing/_aud-utils.p. The procedures and functions herein described can be used by other applications if developers want to take advantage of this code and build a different UI or use their own ProDataSet object, for instance.
* cancel-import-from-xml procedure
* check-conflicts procedure
* export-audit-events procedure
* export-cached-audit-events procedure
* fill-audit-dataset procedure
* getAuditEvents procedure
* get-complete-dbname-list procedure
* get-DB-Name function
* get-dbname-list procedure
* get-policies-merge procedure
* has-DB-option function
* isDBOnAppServer function
* override-policies-from-xml procedure
* policies-dataset-read-xml procedure
* policies-dataset-write-xml procedure
* setAppServerHandle procedure
* updateAuditEvent procedure
* update-auditing-policies procedure