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Programming Interfaces
Audit Policy Maintenance APIs

Audit Policy Maintenance APIs

This appendix describes several ABL (Advanced Business Language) APIs used to implement the OpenEdge Audit Policy Maintenance tool. This tool allows you to create and maintain audit policies in an OpenEdge RDBMS. For more information on audit policies and the Audit Policy Maintenance tool, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
If you want to provide a different front-end for the Audit Policy Maintenance tool, you use the information in this appendix to understand how to maintain the same back end. If you want to build your own auditing configuration tools, you can use the APIs described in this appendix as building blocks for these custom tools.
For basic information on implementing auditing tools in ABL, see Auditing.
* API overview
* Generic utility API
* Caching API
* Exporting policies to XML
* Importing policies from XML
* Additional audit policy procedures