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Programming Interfaces
Audit Policy Maintenance APIs : API overview

API overview

The available APIs Audit Policy Maintenance consist of a set of persistent and non-persistent procedures. You can find these procedures and supporting files installed in the following OpenEdge location:
The supporting files include the temp-table definitions (src/auditing/ttdefs) and ProDataSet definition (src/auditing/include/dspolicy.i) required by these APIs.
Note: This directory also contains the entire source code for the Audit Policy Maintenance tool, including the main utility procedure, _apmt.p.
Two of the APIs perform the same set of functions at different levels of generality:
*A generic utility API
*A caching API
Both APIs use ABL ProDataSets to read and save the audit configuration stored in metaschema tables of an OpenEdge RDBMS. The caching API uses a predefined ProDataSet instantiated by the Audit Policy Maintenance tool and implements audit configuration operations by passing this ProDataSet to the generic utility API. The generic utility API can directly implement the same audit configuration read and save operations using any ProDataSet that has the same definition as the Audit Policy Maintenance tool ProDataSet.
The remaining APIs consist of another persistent procedure and several standalone non-persistent procedures that perform a variety of specific functions. These APIs are also used by both the generic utility and caching APIs.
* Reference to API procedure files
* Using the generic utility and caching APIs with an AppServer