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Programming Interfaces
COM Object Data Type Mapping

COM Object Data Type Mapping

OpenEdge® automatically converts data between COM data types and ABL (Advanced Business Language) data types for COM object methods and properties, as well as for ActiveX control event parameters. This appendix describes this conversion process and the general support for COM data types in ABL. To perform conversions, ABL uses:
*Options in ABL that indicate COM data types
*The Type Libraries installed with each Automation Server or ActiveX control
*The data structures that define the data for each COM object property and parameter
For more information on the syntax for COM object references and ABL support for Type Libraries, see Using COM Objects in ABL.
The data conversion support for ActiveX control event parameters is a subset of the general support for COM object data type mapping. For information on this support, see ActiveX Control Support.
* Data type conversion strategy
* Conversions from COM to ABL data types
* Conversions from ABL to COM data types
* Alternate COM data type names