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Programming Interfaces
Change Data Capture ABL references

Change Data Capture ABL references

OpenEdge 11.7 provides an ABL API to access and manage the Change Data Capture (CDC) schema information. The purpose of the API is to provide access to this schema information and allow the ABL code to perform typical operation such as create, read, edit, and delete for configuring CDC table and field policies.
Before using this API, you should be familiar with configuring table and field policies using the OpenEdge Data Dictionary, Database Administration Console in the OpenEdge Explorer and OpenEdge Management, and other database utilities.
Using the API, you can
*Create, read, edit, and delete CDC table policies.
*Create, read, edit, and delete CDC field policies.
*Create objects for schema tables.
The API uses a standard naming convention IClassName[Element|Collection] for public interface names.
* API entities and entity service methods
* Code examples
* Enums
* Interface properties (Table policy)
* Interface properties (Field policy)
* API to generate Change Data Capture policy program
* ABL procedure to dump
* ABL procedure to load
* ABL support classes for CDC