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Programming Interfaces
Change Data Capture ABL references : ABL procedure to load

ABL procedure to load

This ABL procedure loads CDC policies to your database.
Note: Before you begin, ensure that the database is running and Change Data Capture is enabled.
Run the following procedure from your Procedure Editor window:
run prodict/load_cdc.p( file-name,input-dir ).
Specify the file name without .cd extension. A valid value must be surrounded by quotations:
*"file-name" — Load the file which has CDC policy information.
Specify the directory from where the .cd file is to be loaded. This directory is relative to your defined working directory.


You can also run the load procedure from the proenv command line. The following example demonstrates loading all the policies to a database named cdc_sample_db, from the working directory.
proenv> prowin -db cdc_sample_db -p load.p -b
run prodict/load_cdc.p( "OrderPolicy","c:\load" ).