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Programming Interfaces
Change Data Capture ABL references : API entities and entity service methods

API entities and entity service methods

The ICdcTablePolicy interface provides service methods that implement create, read, update, and delete operations against single schema element, or a collection of schema elements, accessed through supported entity and entity collection interfaces.
The available service methods provided by the API for creating and accessing the basic entities and entity collections are listed in the following topics:
*New( ) method (Table policy)
*New( ) method (Field policy)
*Create( ) method
*Get( ) method
*Update( ) method (Table policy)
*Delete( ) method
The listed entity name is the implementing class name for each entity object and is also part of each entity method name, for example, "CDC Table Policy" as in NewCdcTablePolicy( CHARACTER ) method. Corresponding entity collection methods have a similar method name using the plural of the entity name as in NewCdcTablePolicies( )method.
* New( ) method (Table policy)
* New( ) method (Table policies)
* New( ) method (Field policy)
* Create( ) method
* Create( ) method (Table policies)
* Get( ) method
* Get( ) method (Table policies)
* GetTable( ) method (Table policy)
* GetFilter( ) method (Table policies)
* Update( ) method (Table policy)
* Update( ) method (Table policies)
* Delete( ) method