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GUI for .NET Programming
Accessing and Managing .NET Classes from ABL : Referencing and instantiating .NET classes

Referencing and instantiating .NET classes

You can reference and instantiate supported .NET classes in exactly the same way as ABL user-defined classes. And you can reference .NET object types, generally, in the same way as ABL user-defined types. However, the mechanism for finding .NET object types is very different. ABL locates ABL user-defined types on PROPATH while .NET locates all .NET types in assemblies. Therefore, in order for ABL to locate the .NET types that you reference, you must sometimes provide additional information to ABL that identifies the assembly where a particular .NET type is located.
Thus, the following sections describe:
*How .NET organizes types for reference
*Identifying .NET assemblies to ABL
*Referencing .NET class and interface types
*Using case sensitivity with .NET objects
*Using unqualified .NET type names
*Instantiating and managing .NET class instances
* How .NET organizes types for reference
* Identifying .NET assemblies to ABL
* Referencing .NET class and interface types
* Using case sensitivity with .NET objects
* Using unqualified .NET type names
* Instantiating and managing .NET class instances