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GUI for .NET Programming
Accessing and Managing .NET Classes from ABL

Accessing and Managing .NET Classes from ABL

ABL supports general syntax and features to access and manage .NET classes. This support for .NET object types is similar to native ABL support for user-defined types. There is also some additional ABL syntax and a set of custom OpenEdge .NET classes that together provide features that are unavailable with ABL user-defined types alone.
To understand how to use a .NET class, you must consult the appropriate .NET documentation. The Microsoft .NET class library documentation specifies the signature of every property and method using the syntax for each of the principle CLS-compliant languages that it supports. You can therefore identify many features of .NET classes using the syntax specified for specific .NET languages. For your general reference, this manual indicates ABL mappings to language-specific .NET features using C# syntax.
* Supported features and limitations
* Referencing and instantiating .NET classes
* Accessing .NET class members
* Handling .NET events
* Handling .NET exceptions
* Defining ABL-extended .NET objects