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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataObject class : Inherited methods : getList( )
getList( )
Returns the value of a List column property, as specified by the overloaded methods.


java.util.List getList(int propertyIndex)
java.util.List getList(String propertyName)
Specifies a 0-based index into the list of column properties contained by the ProDataObject. You can identify the index of a particular column property that corresponds to a mapped temp-table field using ProDataObjectMetaData methods. For more information, see ProDataObjectMetaData class.
Specifies the name of a column property in the Property list contained by the ProDataObject. This name is typically identical to the name of an ABL temp-table field to which this column property is mapped.


You can use this method to access the many-valued column property mapped to a temp-table array field. To identify the Java data type of each Property in the list, match the ABL data type of the corresponding temp-table field to the Java data type specified in Mapping single-valued fields.