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Internationalizing Applications
Understanding Character Processing Tables : The convmap.dat file and its tables : Modifying convmap.dat or a file it includes

Modifying convmap.dat or a file it includes

You can modify the convmap.dat file to add or delete INCLUDE directives. You might delete INCLUDE directives for files that do not apply to your target locales, or add INCLUDE directives for additional files you create for your target locales. The syntax of the INCLUDE directive is:


INCLUDE-FILE include-file-name.dat
The name of the file being included.
In addition to modifying the convmap.dat file, you might add new tables to an existing file. To do so, copy one of the existing tables to use as a template, then modify the template as required. Be sure to change the name of the table as required.
For more information on the format of files with the .dat extension, see Character Processing Table Formats.
Note: Modifying collation tables involves additional steps. For more information on modifying collation tables, see Modifying OpenEdge collation tables.