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Internationalizing Applications
Preparing the User Interface : Screen layout and composition : Culturally specific issues

Culturally specific issues

You cannot rely on translation to make the user interface audience specific. You might have to design a user interface for each audience to accommodate the local conventions. For example, you might see the following translation of the label for a phone number field:
English:     telephone
French:      téléphone
However, a more appropriate label for this field is "Numéro de téléphone." The first translation is correct but not as appropriate as the second translation if you consider the context.
Also, you cannot assume that the translation into a particular language allows for all of the dialects of that language. For example, translation into Spanish often does not account for regional differences between various Spanish-speaking users. OpenEdge provides three Spanish-language translations of promsgs: Castilian, Mexican, and South American to meet local language requirements. If you design separate language editions you can create fields that are language specific.
You might also have to design different user interfaces or interface objects to accommodate local conventions. Local conventions are discussed in the following sections:
*Abbreviations and acronyms
*Address formats
*Calendar, date, and time formats
*Colors and sounds
*Numeric formats
*Currency formats
*Field labels and field sizes
*Financial rules
*Names and titles
*Phone number formats
Local conventions might require you to design separate user interfaces for different audiences even if the audiences speak the same language. For example, you might design a user interface that has a "County" field for an Irish market and another user interface that has a "Province" field for a Canadian market.
You might also need to consider field size. If the user interface includes a field that allows a two-character entry for the state, a county or province name does not fit. So, you cannot simply create a field with the label "County/State." The field must be large enough to accommodate the character input.
* Abbreviations and acronyms
* Address formats
* Calendar, date, and time formats
* Colors and sounds
* Numeric formats
* Currency formats
* Field labels and field sizes
* Financial rules
* Names and titles
* Phone number formats
* Language issues