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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : setFaultTolerant procedure

setFaultTolerant procedure

Enables or disables Fault Tolerance for the session.
Note: The JMS providers other than SonicMQ do not support this method.


PROCEDURE setFaultTolerant.

Applies to

Session objects (ClientConnect and ServerConnect only)


*Only applicable for Fault Tolerant connections.
*A value of TRUE will enable fault-tolerance and a value of FALSE will disable it. If default is FALSE, fault-tolerance is not enabled.
*This procedure must be called before beginSession procedure is called.
*You cannot change fault-tolerance for an active session. You must stop and restart the session for any changes to have an effect.
*The application must also call setConnectionURLs procedure to provide a list of broker URLs to be connected to when the current connection fails. SonicMQ will connect to the URLs in the order they are listed, starting at the beginning of the list.
*setSequential procedure may be called to connect to the urls in the order they are listed starting at a random place in the list. See the SonicMQ documentation for details.

See also

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For more information, see the Fault tolerance and the Fault tolerance.