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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : getInitialConnectionTimeout function

getInitialConnectionTimeout function

Returns the initial Fault Tolerant reconnection timeout in seconds.
Note: The JMS providers other than SonicMQ do not support this method.


FUNCTION getInitalConnectionTimeout RETURNS INTEGER.

Applies to

Session objects (ClientConnect and ServerConnect only)


*Only applicable for Fault Tolerant connections.
*The default is 30 seconds.

See also

setFaultTolerant procedure, getFaultTolerant function, isFaultTolerant function, createChangeStateConsumer procedure, setFaultTolerantReconnectTimeout procedure, getFaultTolerantReconnectTimeout function, setInitialConnectionTimeout procedure, getInitialConnectionTimeout function, setClientTransactionBufferSize procedure, getClientTransactionBufferSize function
For more information, see the Fault tolerance and the Fault tolerance.