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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger window panes : Variables pane
Variables pane
The variables pane provides access to the variables associated with the current procedure. The Debugger organizes and displays variable data on tabs named for the following categories:
*Temp Tables
Choose a tab to display all variables in that category. Each tab in the variables pane has a context (right-click) menu containing the following options: Copy, Cut, Paste, Dataview (displays attribute or field information for the selected variable in the Dataview dialog box), and Add Watch (adds the selected variable to the watches pane). For more information, see Dataviewdialog box and Debuggerdialog boxes.
Double-clicking on a cell containing the value of a variable makes the value editable. You can modify the value by entering a different value and pressing the ENTER key or clicking out of the cell. Pressing the ESC key when editing a value restores the current value and cancels the editing operation.
The Debugger displays raw (unformatted) variable data. For example, a decimal value of 1,234.56 appears as 1234.56; 1.00 appears as 1. Do not use formatting characters when entering variable values. Dynamic temp-table and dataset-related objects appear in the variables tab as handle variables.
* Accessing array variables and parameters
* Accessing BLOB fields
* Accessing CLOB fields and LONGCHAR variables
* Accessing DATETIME and DATETIME-TZ variables
* Accessing class object instances
* Accessing object properties
* Accessing ProDataSet objects