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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger window panes : Variables pane : Accessing array variables and parameters
Accessing array variables and parameters
Array variables and parameters appear on their respective tabs in the variables pane. The Debugger displays the name of the array, the number of elements in the array (in brackets), and the data type of the array (for example, DaysInMonth [12] INTEGER). You can examine the value of a single array element as a watch (DaysInMonth[3]), or examine the value of all elements in an array in the Array tab of the Dataview dialog box.
If an array has an indeterminate extent (that is, it was declared as EXTENT with no limiting expression), the Debugger displays the current value of the EXTENT function for the array. Before the array’s size is determined, the extent of the array is unknown, so the Debugger displays [?] in the Value column for the variable or parameter. When the array is populated or received as a parameter from an array with a known size, the extent is set.
For example, if a calling procedure declares the array as EXTENT 5 and passes it to a procedure where the array was declared to have an indeterminate extent, the receiving array is set to an extent of 5, once the procedure is called. At this point, the Debugger displays [5] as the value, and there is no indication the array originally was declared as having an indeterminate extent.