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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger window panes : Variables pane : Accessing BLOB fields
Accessing BLOB fields
You use BLOB (Binary Large OBject) fields to store large amounts of arbitrary binary data. A BLOB is similar to a MEMPTR, and the Debugger handles BLOBs in much the same way as MEMPTRs. Specifically, the Debugger displays the total length of a BLOB (in parentheses) followed by the first 256 bytes of data in the BLOB (as a hexadecimal string). If a BLOB contains more than 256 bytes of data, the Debugger displays an ellipsis indicating there is more data than shown. For example:
(133496) 64 42 74 65 0A 69 20 6D 20 64 75 65 2C 65 21 0D ...
You cannot edit BLOB values; the Value cell is read-only.
Due to its small size, the Value cell shows only a small part of the BLOB data. To see the full 256 bytes of BLOB data, examine the BLOB in the Value tab of the Dataview dialog box.