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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Using System Handles for Debugging : Using the DEBUGGER system handle to start and control the Debugger : Using the DEBUGGER system handle in application mode
Using the DEBUGGER system handle in application mode
This technique is useful in large applications under development where the line numbers change constantly and you want to break at specific points in your code, regardless of how the surrounding code is modified, or you want to set breakpoints in include files that appear in many different procedures. This technique is also useful when implementing a Debugger tool in application mode, where you can set a breakpoint in a called subprocedure to indicate where debugging should start. Use this technique to start the Debugger on an AppServer to debug a remote procedure. For more information, see Remote debugging.
* Debugging by controlling breakpoints from an ABL procedure
* Debugging a called subprocedure