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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Introduction : Debugging in a distributed environment : Remote debugging
Remote debugging
Remote debugging is the ability to debug server-side and remote application procedures. This mode prevents debugging any procedure in a client application session. Remote debugging allows you to debug application code running on an AppServer process or a WebSpeed agent independently of the calling client application. Remote debugging is useful for debugging remote procedures that are:
*Running on an AppServer
*Running on a WebSpeed agent
*Executed by an Open Client (non-ABL client) application
*Executed by an OpenEdge Web Service
*Executed asynchronously on the AppServer from an ABL client application
In this debugging mode, the client application driving an AppServer process is unaware that the Debugger is running on the AppServer process. On the server side, the procedure call stack shown in the Debugger’s ABL stack trace pane reflects only entries up to the top level remote procedure call. It does not reflect entries for the ABL client application that is driving the AppServer process.