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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Using System Handles for Debugging

Using System Handles for Debugging

The DEBUGGER system handle provides attributes and methods that allow you to initialize, start, and control a debugging session from an ABL (Advanced Business Language) procedure. It is intended for experienced ABL programmers who want to:
*Control breakpoints at specific points in their code, regardless of how the surrounding code is modified, or set breakpoints in include files that might appear in many different procedures.
*Develop their own OpenEdge development tools, and initialize and control Debugger interaction from those tools. For example, the OpenEdge Application Development Environment (ADE) uses the DEBUGGER system handle to invoke and manage the Debugger from ADE tools such as the Procedure Editor and ADE Desktop.
*Debug AppServer and WebSpeed applications.
The SESSION system handle allows you to specify whether you want alert boxes to include a Help button that provides access to a Stack Trace dialog box and the Debugger.
* DEBUGGER system handle attributes and methods
* Using the DEBUGGER system handle to start and control the Debugger
* Using the DEBUGGER system handle in stand-alone mode
* Using the SESSION handle to start the Debugger