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Basic Database Tools
Advanced Menus Reference : Utilities menu

Utilities menu

Options on the Utilities menu allow you to edit parameter files, freeze and unfreeze database tables, access the Quoter utility, generate include files for use with ABL, edit auto-connect lists, deactivate indexes, and view information about the database and the current session parameters.
The following table describes the menu that appears when you choose this option. The sections that follow provide more detailed descriptions of the options.
Table 39. Utilities menu
Menu option
Task performed
Editor for Parameter Files...
Edits a parameter file
Quoter Functions->
Formats a data file so that OpenEdge can read the data into an OpenEdge database
Generate Include Files->
Generates an include file
Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List...
Prepares a list of secondary OpenEdge databases to which OpenEdge connects automatically, as required when you run a procedure from a primary database
Freezes or unfreezes a table
Index Deactivation...
Deactivates indexes
Displays general information about the database and the OpenEdge product you are using
* Editor for Parameter Files option
* Quoter Functions option
* Generate Include Files option
* Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List option
* Freeze/Unfreeze Table option
* Index Deactivation option
* Information option