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Advanced Menus Reference : Utilities menu : Generate Include Files option

Generate Include Files option

Choose this option to quickly prepare an include file to store language statements. Because the ASSIGN, FORM, and DEFINE WORK-TABLE statements can be long and complicated, you might want to store them in an include file. Also, particular instances of these statements are often repeated in different procedures, and using an include file lets you easily insert them into any ABL procedure. See the following reference entries in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference on page 1 for more information: { }Include File, ASSIGN statement, FORM statement, and DEFINE WORK-TABLE statement.
The following table describes the menu that appears when you choose the Generate Include Files option. The sections that follow provide more detailed descriptions of the options.
Table 41. Generate Include Files menu
Menu option
Task performed
ASSIGN Statement ...
Generates an ASSIGN statement to copy a table
FORM Statement ...
Generates a FORM statement for a table
Generates a WORK-TABLE statement for a table
* ASSIGN Statement option
* FORM Statement option
* DEFINE WORK-TABLE Statement option