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Basic Database Tools
Advanced Menus Reference : Utilities menu : Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List option

Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List option

Choose Utilities > Edit Auto-Connect List to create or modify the auto-connect list. The auto-connect list is a list of secondary databases (with connection parameters) that are connected automatically as required during program execution on a primary database. You can define one list for each OpenEdge database.
Note: To use the Auto-Connect feature for non-OpenEdge databases, use the Edit Connection Parameters option under the appropriate DataServer submenu option. See the appropriate DataServer manual for information on auto-connecting to non-OpenEdge databases.
The auto-connect feature uses information stored in a primary application database to connect to a secondary application database. The primary application database contains the database connection information for the secondary database. When data from the second database is referenced in a compiled application at run time, the primary application database must already be connected before the database engine can execute the auto-connect for the secondary application database. The database engine executes an auto-connect immediately prior to running a procedure that accesses a database on the auto-connect list.
If you connect a database with the CONNECT statement, and that database also has an auto-connect entry in an already connected database, the CONNECT statement uses the information from the auto-connect list; however, the explicit connection information in the CONNECT statement takes precedence. For more information about auto-connect, see the chapter on database access in OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces.
When you choose this option, the Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List dialog box shown in the following figure appears.
Figure 67. Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List dialog box
The Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List dialog box contains the following user-interface elements:
*Database Name —Displays the list of databases to which the database engine connects automatically
*Logical Database Name — Specifies the logical name of the database highlighted in the Database Name list
*Physical Database Name — Specifies the physical name of the database highlighted in the Database Name list
*CONNECT statement parameters for auto-connect— Specifies any other startup parameters for the database that are not included in the parameter file
The following table describes the buttons on the Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List dialog box.
Table 42. Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect List options
Task performed
Displays the next connect record
Displays the previous connect record
Displays the first connect record
Displays the last connect record
Adds a new connect record
Modifies the selected connect record
Deletes the selected connect record
Exits and undoes all changes you made in this session to the Auto Connect list
Exits and saves changes